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The heart of the Tramuntana mountains meets the soul of Mallorca winemaking

A paradise nestled in the Tramuntana mountains. 

Experience the uniqueness of the terroir, the bond with nature and the energy that harmonized IóNs create.

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tasting terrace-3.jpg
tasting terrace.jpg

Limestone soils, the bedrock of our exceptional vines.

Wines, filled with energized IóNs, evoking an atmosphere of serenity and warmth.

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Working in harmony with nature is the most profound blessing in life.

Honoring its biodiversity, embracing organic practices, ensuring our vineyards thrive .

In return the vine gives us grapes of unparalleled beauty and taste.

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Go on a journey of taste, nature and soulful connection.

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Winery Tour and Tasting with Food Pairing

Tour of our winemaking process, production and bottling. You get to experience four wines and our local Food Pairings. 

2h 70€ p.P.


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